We connect the buyer and the seller and provide tools for success transactions

Forget about the hassle of buying grain, lengthy telephone conversations and logistical problems. Now buying grain is a matter of a couple of clicks

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No intermediaries

Expand the range of offers from agricultural producers

The platform opens quite a large number of offers from farmers directly from all regions

Trade with agricultural producers without the hassle of phone calls!

Find an offer to sell on our grain exchange platform, set your price, and the system itself will trade up to the limit you specified. You will be buying a lot if your bid is 1 step higher than that of your competitors.

Conclude contracts and sign them with your digital signature

The ICORN platform will arrange and process all necessary accompanying documents for each transaction, including contracs, transport and consignment notes/bills, bilateral acts of job acceptance, warehouse receipts, agreements… Yeh, GRAIN TRADE HAS NEVER BEEN EASY.


Reduces/saves costs with an efficient supply chain

The ICORN team is constantly researching the entire supply chain and implementing the best models and technologies to achieve maximum efficiency

Guarantees fulfilling obligations

Platform guarantees fulfillment of contract by all registered sellers or incase of the breach of contract by the seller, buyer will get financial guarantees of payment of the penalty by the counter-party.

Create one joint contract that unites small quantities and buy them wholesale in one click!

Save the time for searching and agreeing on each transaction – open one position, specify purchase conditions and collect all offers that meet these requirements.

How it works

Create your profile with the geography of receiving points


Indicate grain quality parameters


Collect all offers from the producers


Put down your digital signature


Receive & accept the grain


Take part in the auctions of grains offered there by farmers

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You can buy grain directly from agricultural producers on the ICORN platform!

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