Trade & logistics platform

We bring together Farmers & Buyers, and connect them with Logistic & Banking

We make the market work

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Maximum efficiency

  • Auction sales system
  • Lack of intermediaries
  • Search for nearby vehicles by GPS
  • Lack of transaction costs


  • Payment guarantees and cargo insurance
  • Unified Security Service
  • Track lot 24/7
  • Smart Contracts, Blockchain Technology

Easy to use

  • Electronic document management
  • Automatic reporting to the Tax
  • Acceptance of congestion points and planning
  • 3 click deal
How it works

The farmer wants to sell grain and offer it on platform


An independent laboratory checks grain quality


The buyer accept the offer, and automatically generates a transportation order


Closest grain carrier receive the order and transport lot


Elevator / Port
offload grain and deal is done! Cheers!

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You can buy grain directly from agricultural producers on the iCORN platform!

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