We signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Agriculture of Ukraine and The State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety. 06/04/21

A lot of work was done, presentations, rallies and finally we proved the need for the project for the economy of the whole country. Now we have reached a new level and there is still more work to be done, but this is a joy to us, because we are bringing to life what is meaningful and necessary for the entire society!

We began cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Economy of Ukraine and with the State Service for Control of the Movement and Consumption of Food Products in terms of the integration and control of the entire commodity chain of raw materials and food products traded on the platform, as well as the promotion of the iCORN project throughout the country. With the help of such cooperation, international buyers can always be sure that they are buying an original product, with original indicators of the quality and organic nature of the products supplied.

Together, we will not only help manufacturers and buyers find each other and make a deal, but also make it as transparent as possible.

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