Agro Toloka 2020 festival. 25/09/2020

We want to share with you our performance at the festival «AgroToloka-2020».

On September 25, the AgroToloka 2020 festival was organized by the Office for Perspective Development under the project “Sustainable Rural Development: Synergy of Education and Practical Solutions” within the UN Program for Reconstruction and Peacebuilding with the financial support of the European Union.

And it is aimed at strengthening close cooperation between the agricultural advisory service, relevant public organizations, agricultural enterprises, local governments and the state, to strengthen the economic capacity and sustainability of SMEs in agriculture. Within the framework of the festival we have discussed agricultural problems with farmers and how to solve them.

We are the ones who are moving and improving Ukrainian Agriculture and making innovations adaptable to a farmer. Within the framework of the festival with more than 150 farmers of Tokmak region participating in it, there was presenting the iCORN project, along with the other innovative projects of this big conference. We explain the farmers the advantages at our platform and additional opportunities for them wich they haven`t had before.

Thanks to this event we could discuss and learn key problems of small & medium farmers Zaporizhia region, witch is one of the most productive agricultural areas of Ukraine.